Okay, so this is painfully embarrassing. This post is uber late. I mean like 2+ months late. wtf was I doing late. should I even post it late!? 

I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, I should post it. Partially because I worked really hard on it and partially because, as stated in my previous "burnt out" post, theres nothing left to do but move on. So on we're moving. Here is my ridiculously late post about affordable (Mother's Day) brunch decor. 

Now obviously, Mothers Day has came and went, but you can still totally use my design ideas as inspo for a regular brunch, birthday party, or whatever you wanna do. It's pretty, fun to make, and (most importantly) easy on the ol' wallet. Yay!

See below for the making of, then scroll all the way down for the finished project. It's pretty damn good for the budget if I do say so myself. You don't wanna miss it!



To think, this all started with this one photo. It's funny how inspiration strikes.

One day I was browsing Pinterest and I came across a beautiful DIY brunch by Mr. Kate. I fell in love instantly and I knew I was meant to create my own version. Game on!

I took to Pinterest once again to try to put my own spin on things. I was (and still am) obsessed with water color wallpaper at the time. That thought, plus the flowers in my inspo pick led me to the second photo you see below, and a concept was born!  

1 // 2



Materials - Cost

  • Large Paper Roll - $7 (on clearance)
  • Children Acrylic Paint Variety Pack - $8
  • Paint Brushes Variety Pack - $5
  • Tissue Paper Pack x 2 - $4
  • Flowers - $5 (Trader Joes)
  • String Lights - $0 From Christmas
  • Recycled Bottles/Vases - $0
  • White Throw - $0 (mine from home)

Total: $29 (What!?)


The Process

Large Banner: 

So the huge banner//sign was the first thing I created. I started out by measuring how far in I wanted the flowers to come to create a frame affect. Once I figured out how much room I needed for the writing in the middle I measured out my "frame" size and marked my poster with a light pencil mark. 

From there on it was a lot of free hand painting. This was a little nerve racking, to be honest, because I had never painted a thing in my life. I think it came out okay though and it made me feel super creative! 

Once my "frame" was painted I just wrote in my text, let my dog paint a little (see below), and called it a day!

Table Runner

After my big banner was done, I still had A LOT of paper left over. I decided to cut a piece long enough to serve as a runner with a 1' over hang on each side of the table. Once the length was cut, I trimmed off enough paper to make the runner about 2/3 as wide as my table. Easy-peasy. 

I went with a matching floral design, taking care to create a flower bunch that would compliment the center of the table where I would place a cake plate. I also added water color to the ends of the runner for a little extra detail. 

Party Fans

I'm totally not gonna take credit for these. I did make them but only after learning about them on YouTube years ago. They're super easy to make. I actually use them to cut the negative space at pretty much every event I do. Here is a good tutorial for you to follow along with if you want to create them yourself. (note: the tutorial recommends craft paper but I've been using tissue paper to make them for years! FYI.)

Floral String Lights

Awe - the concept that inspired this entire design plan. Luckily not only is this idea high impact, it's too easy! Literally just string some lights, secure flowers with fishing wire, DONE! 


The Main Event

Dun-Dunna-Daaahh! See below for how the whole shebang came together!



And so we come full circle with the first picture. To be honest, I think on of the reasons I didn't post this is because I feel like I didn't take enough time with the photography. I wish I had more images to show you but you get the idea. Looks pretty freakin good for a super budget friendly party! 

So obviously, you won't be using this for Mother's Day 2016, but if you do end up inspired by this design idea, let me know! I'd love to see how you guys tweak this to meet your own party design needs! 



So, I know the title is a bit confusing so before you go getting all judge-y, let me explain. About a year ago I was scouring the web for info on interior design. The SEO gods pointed me in the direction of Sarah Akwisombie and her gloriously helpful blog. (I'm an unashamed fan. #SorryNotSorry) Anyway, the post was called "The 5 Step Guide To Becoming An Interior Stylist" and I can say, without bias, it was extremely helpful. 

Long story short, step one of Sarah's five recommendations is to "shoot your own shit". Simple and seemingly obvious advice, but here we are, a year later and I'm barely getting around too it. Turns out this step was actually quite intimidating for me. That being said, I thought I'd share my insight in case you, my fellow wanna-be stylist, are also hitting a similar road block. Let's jump into a behind the scenes look at a recent shoot I did, followed by a few tips to help you out on your first few shoots.  



Behind The Scenes



I started off with a pretty simple idea inspired by a stapler of all things. (I'm not crazy I swear. It's a really inspiring stapler.) I found it at Target and it created this weird need in me to own a buncha metallic office supplies. I figured it would be a fun post to write and an easy shoot so, the idea was born! 



I picked up a few extra metallic supplies for my workspace. However, I decided to DIY the rest since I already had them laying around in normal, boring old office supply color. With a can of spray paint and an old bandana, I went in! Here's what I learned from that little fiasco... 

- Don't spray paint when it's windy

- Sealing Spray isn't just a ploy by the spray paint company to make you buy more spray paint. 

- Wear a mask or prepare to pass out. 

- No really - buy the gloves! That sh*t stains! 



"Alright DYIs done, time for the easy part!" said the naive girl I once was

No but really, photography is actually pretty freakin hard. Especially when your doing it with an iPhone, a makeshift backdrop, and low light. My first attempt came out... well you see it. It's horrendous and embarrassing. But, I'm not a quitter so I took to google. Here are a few awesome posts that helped me clean up my act...

Blog Photography Help thats worth the read:

- Tips on Taking Photos For Your Blog // Sunny With A Chance Or Sprinkles

- Styling The Perfect Shot // Emily Henderson

- Photography Tips On Taking Your Blog Photos // Thrift and Threads


The Reshoot:

After doing some research and sulking a bit, I finally decided to reshoot my little metallic office supplies project. While the results aren't stellar, they're a hell of a lot better than before. This time I really focused on lighting and styling the shot for the camera angle I wanted. These ideas plus a handy little app called VSCO helped produce the not-so-terrible images you see below. : ) 


Ta-dah! You may recognize these photos from my Instagram, Twitter, and last weeks post! They're not the best thing that's ever graced the internet, but I'm pretty proud of them. That being said, I'm officially ready to share my top 3 photography tips, from one novice to another. 


3 tips for your 1st shoot


1. Practice makes perfect ...or at least better than the last time you practiced.

      I'm gonna be 100% honest. Your attempts at photography may look like literal sh*t. The only way to improve them is by continuing to try! 


2. Let a pro show you how it's done.

      I always think it's a good idea to take advice from those who have been there. Luckily, we have the world wide web to connect us to thousands of industry leaders. Do your research!


3. Lighting is everything. 

     My number one tip for improving your photography = improve your lighting! 


Alright all. That's a wrap! I hope you guys found this helpful and encouraging. I know taking your own photos and styling your own stuff can be intimidating at first but they seem like pretty necessary skills for a wanna be interior stylist! Please send me some of your most recent shots as well as any good tips or posts you've found so we can grow and learn together!

 Until next time, happy shooting! 




It's Wednesday and, as promised, I'm back with another post! You may have guest from the, not so subtle, sneak peeks I've shared on my Twitter and Instagram, this week is all about metallic office supplies! First let's talk about the origin of my obsession with the shinny yet useful, then I'll show you some budget friendly options for your own workplace! 


Kate Made Me Do It.

It may come as no surprise to you that my first glimpse of truly beautiful, metallic office supplies came from Kate Spade's Line. It was beautiful, refined, and I could tell (like anything else she sells) casually showing it off would instantly trick people into thinking I have my sh*t together. Sadly, I couldn't justify the price so I went along my boring-office-supply owning way. 

Then a few months later, Target did what it does best. It provided me with exactly what I wanted at the price I could afford. (How they hell do they do that?)

Suddenly, and instagram-worthy office was in my reach. I picked up a few essential pieces from Target and DIYed a few more and voila - instant office-pretty! Now I want to help you do the same. Check out the links below for the crazies deals on the inter-web and stay tuned to the blog for info on my DIYed items! 


The Look for less


millennial burn out syndrome

What can I say guys? Here we are again. Another couple of months have went by without a post. I hate even writing this sort of appology//excuse update because the truth is, no one wants to hear it. You guys get it. Life get's in the way of our dreams and that's exactly what you're seeing here. Still there's only one thing to do and that's reassess and move forward. 

After taking a harder look at my life I realize my problem and thought I'd share because chances are, it's your problem too...

I've been hearing about something called Millenial Burnout Syndrome for a while now. It's basically when a "millennial" (usually female) takes on too much in their (work) life and inevitably burns out. Scoff if you want too but I'm here to tell you, it's a thing. I know because I'm a perfect case study.


Let's assess...

I'm 27. I work as a freelancer to pay the bills - aka I work all the time! I do promotional work as well as hostessing gigs that typically consists of 12+ hour days. On top of that I run the socials, website, and office for my finance's video production company. I'm also in charge of keeping the house clean, preparing the occasional meal, and I go HAM with the makeup everyday because I'm trying like hell to forget the fact that I'm quickly approaching 30! (Thought I was done? Not quite.) I recently started an Etsy store where I sell vintage 90's fashion because I love it. Then, on the tip top of the pile of sh*t I have going on, I created this blog because I f*cking love interior and event styling and I need to express that somewhere. (Getting a little heated - *deep breath*)

The point is, I am your standard millennial women. I stack way to much up on my plate and then get discouraged, upset, and (yes) burned out when I can't actually do it all. I rarely take days off and when I do, I'm filled with anxiety and guilt. 

It's a sh*t deal really. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to pay the bills/start a company, look like an instagram model, and go for my dreams all while staying current on social media? Still, I just can't quit! I want it all so that leaves me one option....


Moving Forward...

It's time to lighten the load. I need to make things more manageable or my freaking heads going to pop off. (Sound familiar?) I can't possibly do everything that's required of me without expecting to burn out. In light of all that, I've come up with a do and don't list that should make things a bit easier. If you're feeling the same way, I'd encourage you to do the same.


  • Kill myself trying to post 3x//week like the big bloggers
  • Obsess about my socials to the point that I'm loosing sleep
  • Compare my makeup to the Insta-famous makeup artist
  • Spend hours thinking about marketing the Etsy store like it's gonna make me rich
  • Take a "day off" that includes constantly updating twitter


  • Post good content on this blog 1x//week
  • Keep up with my socials as well as I can
  • Wear makeup when I want too, how I want too
  • Treat the Etsy store like what it is - a hobby//side project that I do for fun
  • Take a REAL freaking day off! Sans iPhone

I'm feeling less stressed already!


The take away...

 Fellow millennial women - we need to be kinder to ourselves! Let's not stack the order so high. Let's make To Do lists that are actually do-able in an 8 err.. ok 10 hour work day! Let's not say, "yea I can help you with that", to every favor asked of us. Or better yet, let's not constantly volunteer for projects we have nothing to do with.

And let's actually relax! How about when we go get that mani//pedi, we do it without trying to grow our Instagram following. Try not to feel like every spa day has to be documented via Snapchat. Let's take "me time" that doesn't consist of worrying if other people think it looks cool!

If your reading this and nodding your head, I know you're a fellow over achieving, perfectionist, obsessive, crazy person and I'm proud of you. I'm also here to say, you deserve a god damned break and you better take it. After all, if your not doing well, you're no help to those around you. So take care of yourself important lady! 

Bottom line, I'm burnt the f*ck out. ....but I'm not out and neither are you!

Expect new posts every Wednesday. Alisha - Out! *drops the mic*




So I recently took a trip to sin city and you know what that means.... Photo Diary time!! It's kinda sad but the main reason I wanted to make the trek to Vagas in the first place was so that I could share all the cool, beautiful, and inspiring things I'd see with you. Turns out, documenting my travels in a photo series is kinda my thing. Who knew? Anyhow, read on for the latest! 

(Oh and in case you missed the last photo diary I'll link it for you here!)


what happens in vegas...

In honor of the old saying, instead of walking you through my work-cation with little text blurbs, I'm gonna let you take the journey entirely through photographs! We were in LV for a week but to be honest, work kept up busy for 5 out of the 6 days. In an attempt to keep things interesting, I only documented the worthwhile shizzz. See below to take (the fun parts) of the trip with us! 

So, you may be able to tell, definitely not your typical Vegas-ers! While we loved the weather and walking the strip, we actually had just as much fun on the drive home. This makes me think more road trips are in order. Tweet me and lemme know where you think we should go next!