Photo via Nate Berkus

Photo via Nate Berkus

I f#*king love Target! K, that's kinda intense but seriously, what's not to like? You got food, makeup, just general shit you need, + home decor. It's basically your one stop shop that doesn't suck. 

Over the past decade or so, Target has definitely stepped up their game by partnering with some awesome designers to create affordable collections. Jason Wu, Missoni, + Lilly Pulitzer are all past collaborators who produced budget-friendly fashion lines. When it comes to the home decor collabs though, Nate Berkus is king!

To be embarrassingly honest, (as I always intend to be on this blog) Nate Berkus' Fall 2013 collection is one of the things that really sparked my love for interior styling. There was this amazing marble print tray that basically made my knees weak. (Check it out in this post from Design Sponge!) Since that fateful Target run, Nate's collections have had a special place in my heart and I look forward to each new launch.

That being said - Let's get into the NEW Nate Berkus for Target Winter 2016 collection!



So according to my interview with Nate, (ahem - I mean what I've read from his site) this collection is meant to be bold, creative, and beautiful. It's meant to feel both personal and worldly at the same time. Nate shared this incite on his blog...

“I wanted to create a collection that would expand upon the finishes, textures and details of your rooms. You’ll find that every surface, every item has a finish that makes it feel well-traveled and collected over time.” - Nate Berkus

This collection is currently available at while items last!


I feel like this collection really hit's it's mark. The pieces give you the feeling that they could be souvenirs from some epic global adventures. On the other hand, they go together so well, it really feels like they were collected just for your place. A solid line for sure, but I'm definitely playing favorites. See below for my must have items + my take on them!

Individual Images via Pop Sugar Home

Individual Images via Pop Sugar Home


1. Asymmetrical Mirror Set ($50) - I'm borderline obsessed with these. I could just see myself buying few sets and making a really cool wall art installation!

2. Woven Jute Stool ($70) - This is giving me a so-cal vibe and I'm all about it. 

3. Horse Figural ($15) - Possibly my favorite item in the line. Definitely gives off the whole "world traveler" thing in a way that's not to in your face. Love it!

4. Wood and Gold Lantern ($30) - I'm gonna be honest, I'm a sucker for a design-y lantern. 

5. Fringed Edge Pillow ($25) + Embroidered Pillow ($25) - I like how effortlessly cool these throw pillows are and I kinda think you need them in your life.

So now, I wanna hear what you think of this collection. Check out the entire line here and leave me a comment or tweet me with your favorite picks. Can't wait to chat!