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I'm gonna admit something big here so hold on to your hats....

I want to be an interior stylist!

....K, I'm pretty sure that's not news to any of you but just thought I should put it out there + admit it to the universe. The truth is, I really want to style objects but I'm not really sure what you call that yet. I can see myself doing interiors, exteriors, events, + maybe even a few movie, art director type projects as long as I'm dealing with decor. It's my dream. (So weird to send this out into the internet!)

Anyway, I'm kinda on this sponge-y little journey to learn anything + everything I can about styling. I've been reading a lot of interiors books + have started to scour the world wide web for resources to help me on my quest. Now it's sharing time! 

Today, I'll be giving you all the dirty details on the Trendimi Interior Interior Design + Home Styling online course I recently completed. I'll be sharing the good, the bad, + the shitty. Something you should know before we  start - I hate middle of the road reviews so get ready to hear some opinions! 


My Experience:

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't pay full price for this class. I found it on a Groupon deal for $20 + decided it was worth a shot. (Regular Price: $229)  I'm a studious weirdo so soon after purchasing I plopped myself down with a pen + paper, ready to learn. I was hoping I scored a really good deal on a $200 class but soon found myself thinking of that old cliche, you get what you pay for. 

Although, as far as I could tell, I was taking the exact same class offered at the higher price point, I was pretty disappointed. I had been poking around the interior design world for a while by this point so I found a lot of the info pretty basic. I imagine if I was totally green, learning what a craftsmen home is or the meaning of the word motif, would be a lot more interesting to me. Generally I was underwhelmed to say the least but let me break it down for you a little further...

The Good:

- Good for beginners looking to brush up on terminology

- Touched on topics like lighting, different styles, working with clients, ect

- Low Price if you can find it on sale



The Bad:

- No instructor to reach out to with questions

- Didn't go fully into topics listed above. Info felt very general.

- Seemed a little dated

The Shitty:

- $229 at full price!

- There is a time limit on the class so if you don't use it in that time frame it expires!

FINAL verdict:

I say PASS! The only person I could think to recommend this to would be a beginner + I'm sure there are better courses out there for beginners. Hell, I'm a beginner + this didn't impress me. Invest your money in something a little more worth your time. 

In hind site, I should have known that I wouldn't be impressed. The website hosts classes on a bunch of different topics that range from Nutrition to Revamping Your Wardrobe. This one was probably my fault, but hey, live + learn right guys. 


Pssst! - Leave me a comment letting me know if I should continue to blog about my journey into the interior styling world. I know there's a lot of aspiring stylists out there as well, so lemme know if this was helpful for you + what class I should check out next!