I'm not gonna lie, I've been on this major female empowerment kick lately. Starting this blog has made me feel... so much more like myself. I've wanted to started it for so long but was nervous about what people might think or if I'd be good at it, yada yada yada. Finally having it up makes me feel like I've conquered something huge. I mean, you're literally looking at my dream that has actually come to life. (How kick ass is that?

This empowerment buzz has had me all over the internet searching for lady themed design inspo + then I came across the pink rug. I can think of no better statement piece to display your girlboss-ness so, of course, I had to share. Check them out and let's "I AM WOMEN, HEAR ME ROAR" together!  (.....too intense? Sorry I was having a moment. haha check em out anyway cuz you'r gonna love em!)

I hope this little post motivated you to take over the world today! Leave me a comment below telling me what goals your gonna dominate this week or which pink rug is your must have!  

PS - If you like any of the lovely rugs you see above, click on the picture for my source links. (non-sponsor/non-affiliate)