If you've stopped by my about section lately, you already know I'm totally on board with getting creative with your personal interior style. I'm a firm believer in not recreating everyone else's home. I think you gotta go at it with an open mind + a lot of honestly in an attempt to form a space that feels like you. 

I've preached big, female empowering area rugs + my belief that you should let your crazy fan art hang proudly on your walls. Bottom line - don't be afraid to get weird with it. That being said, after you're done being a weirdo, I think you also need to do a little tailoring to avoid living in a cluster f#*k. (Haha - just being straight with you.)

This probably sounds a little confusing + contradictory so let me explain. The idea here is, you mix classic items/concepts with your personality-filled items/concepts to give birth to your true home style. This could mean mixing that geometric coffee table that speaks to your soul with a standard sofa or purchasing a common piece of furniture with a "so you" design painted on it. 

Speaking of the latter, here's a prime example + the reason I was inspired to write this post in the first place. I give you the badass credenza! Basically it's a classic furniture piece with a cool artistic twist. Pop one of these babies in your home and BOOM, instant personality without looking like a crazy person. Scroll down to find the perfect credenza for your personality from Deny Designs.

PS - More about Deny Designs below.

PSS - this is not a sponsored post so don't get all crazy. I just thought these were really fr#*kin cool!


If your calm + Cool 

I personally love these because their neutral with a little something extra. Perfect if you wanna shake up your style without creating an earthquake.


If your Fun + Girly

Embrace your feminine side + store your stuff at the same time with these bad boys! 


If you're quirky + colorful 

Add a bright, graphic piece to the mix + consider your bold style stated!


Quick Info On Deny Design:

I wasn't gonna go too far into this, but I think the concept is kinda cool so I figured I'd share before I punch out. From my understanding, it's a company that enlists artists to create cool, unique patterns that Deny Design paints/prints on merchandise. They sell everything from dog bandannas to the amazing credenza's you see above. Everything is said to be super high quality + the artist gets a commission when you buy! Feel free to read more about the company here

Alright that's all she wrote folks! Take a sec and lemme know which badass credenza caught your eye + if you liked this crazy little post of mine. Hope you did!