Bringing The Office Home

Hi guys! Hopeful you all had a good week + a fun weekend. As stated in my Gone Pinning post I had an insane week so I'm really glad it's over. I did do one really fun thing though. It's kinda weird + random, but hey, so am I. I'm still all buzzy about it so I have to share with you guys. 

Ready? .... I saw Creed Bratton from The Office tv show live in Santa Cruz!! (Haha told you it's kinda random!)

It was awesome + I'll tell you all about it at the end of this post cuz we're officially friends + and that's what friends do. First, though, let's get into something a little home-styling-y because here on this blog, that's what I do. I give you, a post totally inspired by Creed + The Office tv show. Today I share a few fun pieces that can help you bring The Office home. 

PS - I'm totally considering purchasing all of these by the way but I'm a little worried that my house would look a little psycho/stalker-y. I'm thinking realistically one or two items would be a better way to Tailor My Weirdness. Weigh in with your favorite pieces + help a girl out.

The goods

If you aren't freaking out about this stuff - you need to watch the office! It's probably my favorite show of all time (obvs) + I highly recommend it. K now let's talk about Creed!!!!


The Story

So my other half + I found tickets on Groupon of all places to Creed's show. When we got their I didn't know what to expect but were super excited! We grabbed a drink + joined a hoard of fellow The Office fans in a dark room with a stage + standing room only. Then, the show started!

Creed came out + was generally awesome. He played songs he had written + talked about his experiences as a band member of the Grass Roots. He even shared a few fun/possibly made up stories about his time on The Office. It was crazy, funny, + a little weird, just as a Creed Bratton show should be!

The best part had to be his closing song. He sang "All The Faces". The same song that was used to close out The Office finally! It was so good! Check it out above in all of it's drunken, shaky cell phone quality glory.


By this part your probably thinking - What is this girls deal with The Office? I realize it could be a little much but I'M SUCH A FAN + this blog is all about self expression in your home space. Since I love the show so much, I think it's totally acceptable for that to be expressed in my decor. I'm a big believer in surrounding yourself with things you love and (as stated like 50 times) I love The Office!

Maybe you're also a TV junkie but The Office isn't really your bag? No problem! I wrote this little post just for you cuz I got your back like that!