What's up guys. Today I'm excited to announce a little blog series. I have to admit, I'm failing at thinking up a cute-sy name for this so for now, let's just call it what it is, a book review. (Cool name ideas are totally welcome + appreciated. Thanks!) I'm a reader + for the last couple months I've been way into reading/learning about creative + inspiring people. Since creativity + inspiration is kinda what this little blog of mine is all about, I thought I should share. 


As mentioned like a million times, I'm totally on board with anything female empowerment or creativity related. So, natch, I'm a big fan of Mr. Kate! I've been following her on YouTube for years + I find her so inspiring. She's all about styling your life the way you want it and not being afraid to get a little funky with it (because, why not!?) Basically she's amazing so when I saw she came out with a book, I ran to Barnes and Noble and snatched that sucker up! (Spoiler: I suggest you do the same!)

Now I know what your thinking - this is just gonna be a kiss ass review because clearly, I'm on Mr. Kate's jock. (Do people still say that?) Well, I'm hear to tell you, you're half right. I am gonna speak highly about this book, but not because I love Mr. Kate. I'm gonna tell you all the reasons you should check it out because it's f#*cking awesome + I honestly recommend it. 

There, now that that's been cleared up, let's begin...

A hot glue gun mess


 Basically, Kate takes you on a zillion crazy adventures by sharing her personal life stories. Then, after you've had an OMG moment, she shares a DIY project totally inspired by the story you just read. Genius! It's the perfect mix of funny + crafty.

I love the idea behind this book because I can totally relate to it now that I have a blog. Most of my posts are inspired by whatever I had gotten into the week before + I think that's how it goes for a lot of creative types. It's really fun to get to go on that journey with her + see how she makes lemon aid outta lemons.

A Hot Glue Gun Mess Mr Kate Book Review Interior Blog


Stories: All hilariously written in Kate's exact tone of voice. If you've ever caught one of her YouTube videos I'm sure you'd totally agree! She has this amazing way of making it seem like you're just sitting around chatting with a girlfriend. It makes for a really fun + easy read.

The one thing that really struck me about this book though, was the honesty. Kate shares A LOT of really intimate details which is kinda badass. I mean, she talks about masturbating as a kid. Eww, I know, but how amazing of her to really put herself out there!

In my opinion, it elevated the book from a fun read to a really inspiring one. (The honesty, I mean, not the masturbating. lol) The entire time I was reading it, I was in awe of how just... herself she is. She talks about poop, one night stands, + a zillion other crazy things in the most open, unapologetic way + I freackin love it! 

Then, as if that wasn't enough, she shares killer DIYs that completely link up with whatever she was just talking about. I mean like really fun, good ones that you might actually be able to do. It's the perfect package!

DIYs: All of the instructions are clearly listed out, including a step by step guide + a list of materials needed. No complaints here. 



Beautiful, trendy, colorful + fun. I'd love to be able to shoot photos like the one in this book! Every picture screams Mr. Kate so if you're a fan, you're gonna love it! Bonus - It's even pretty on the outside so it's alright if you leave it around when your friends are over so they can see that you're smart + read + stuff!

Take Away

Being creative is all about being yourself + not being afraid to make a bit of a mess of things. It also made me realize that, when you are really being yourself, you get a way better reaction from people because they can kinda sense your authenticity. So yea, that's pretty cool I think.


I say - GET IT! (*fake surprised gasp*)

Alright, alright. First book review - DONE! 

I really hope you guys enjoyed this + will consider checking out A Hot Glue Gun Mess. If you do, leave me a comment with your favorite DIY or story from the book! In case you're wondering, I love the DIY Inlay Side Table + the "Hell In Paradise" story! So awesome + so funny!