Wallpaper Love

Alright, so I have a confession to make. I'm having a serious love affair with wallpaper + I can't control my obsession. I spend hours poking through blogs + scouring Pinterest searching for more more more! I would be worried, but given the amount of other people who talk about wallpaper on the inter-web, I'm guessing that I'm not the only one with this problem. Take a peek below for my most recent wallpaper loves + let's recap afterwards!

note: all images are clickable links!


So, clearly I'm all over the place with my wallpaper picks. We have metallics (a hot trend for 2016), florals (which I never thought I'd be into), + even a few flamingos! The more I obsess the more I realize that I've got kinda a split personality when it comes to styling. I love bold, in your face design on one hand, but I'm also a minimalist, scandi lovin girl on the other. This may seem confusing but I've always known I'm kinda a walking contradiction + I'm ok with that. 

Now that I've realized how two sided my styling eye is, I can't wait to hop on a big project + mix my two veiw points! I'm dying to do a living room with one of the big floral print designs above + some beautiful yet simple furniture pieces all carefully coordinated to work together in harmony. Someone give me a ring about your design needs + let's get crackin! 

PS: Got a wallpaper print that I just have to see? Send it to me via Twitter, Insta, or whatever you want! Also feel free to check out my Wallpaper Pinterest Board for even more designs!