Ello! So today, I'm doing something a little different cuz ... well, I want too! I recently took a trip to SoCal to meet my brand new/first ever nephew, Dean Clark! (Amazing name, I know.) Anyway, as soon as life would allow it, I booked a round trip train ticket + hit the tracks. I figured there'd be lots of inspiring stuff on the way + plenty of chances to improve my photography/blogging skills, so a photo diary was born! 

Grab your coffee + save your frequent flyer miles, we're officially LA bound!


to l.a.

Alright, so my day starts with a 7AM bus ride out of San Jose to Santa Barbara. Now I know you're totally thinking - No one takes the f*cking bus/train anymore weirdo! Give me some slack here. For the record, I know I don't have to explain this but...

I take the train/bus because:

- It gives me a chance to relax instead of screaming like a manic through the Grapevine.

- LA traffic gives me a panic attack.

- I don't wanna put that many miles on my care anyway.

- Flying last minute (as I always do) is pricey! 

- The train means I can read without getting car sick. (finished 2 books!)


There, now that my transportation choices have been validated, let's move on.



Couldn't get any shots of the station in San Jose because it was crawling with weirdos. I'm still learning to be, "all about that blog life", as I've heard it said, so I still feel weird about being that person taking pictures of walls and sh*t. I board the bus on time, upset with myself for missing the chance to photograph the beautiful station, but figure I'll get the next one. 

The bus hums along for hours + I crack open my most recent book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling. (Another The Office related thing, I know!) I fickin love Mindy so she helps me pass the time + I actually really enjoy my morning. 



Hours + half a book later, we arrive at Santa Barbra. The station is beautiful + clean, with lovely Spanish touches. I snap off a few photos of the decor + feel super bloggy + artistic. That is, until my hand slips + I crack my iphone screen. (such a pro). 

I pout over it for a minute and then decide I better pee before I get on the train. GASP - the bathroom is the best part of the station! Lovely dark wood, marble EVERYWHERE, + a huge skylight. I try to start taking pictures but a women comes in after me. (Way to make it weird)

I head into the stall and start trying to discretely capture the lovely marble patrician + skylight.


Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! My phone wasn't silenced + now the lady in the stall next to me totally thinks I'm taking pictures of her doing the toilet thing! 

I quickly run out, wash my hands, (even though I didn't even go, I just don't want her to think I'm a perv + a person with bad hygiene). I rush outta the station, bags + cracked iphone in hand. Must pretend I was never in the bathroom!

What? I've always been out here waiting for this train. Take a picture of you pooing? Never!



Finally my train pulls in. Super red faced + ashamed I climb up + awaaaay we go!

Time + miles fly by on the train. I'm on the Surfliner, which I highly recommend. It takes you through lush agricultural areas, some dryer spots, and then, of course, it lines the surf! I finish my book + snap too many pictures to even show you! Maybe I'm not the worst blogger after all!



I have arrived

My brother in law pics me up and then I meet a really handsome little man!



Out of respect for my sister, I wont plaster my nephew's adorable face all over the internet. I will however, leave you with these little tidbits cuz I can't frickin help myself! 



The next  day fly's by in a happy little blur. I finally get to catch up with my sister, hang out with my new sister in law, + of course, get to know my nephew! We chat, order from Door Dash, + take turns bouncing around with Dean. It was basically awesome! This is kinda what it looked like... (without invading my sisters privacy of course)



On day two my brother in law, sister in law, sister, Dean + I went out to dinner at Mendocino Farms. My brother in law kept insisting we go, which I though was weird. I mean, who get's that excited over a freakin sandwich? 

Answer: Anyone whose ever eaten at Mendocino Farms. It's f*cking GOOD!


photo diary LA


So you may be noticing a lack of photos here. At this point I'm feeling a little self conscious about being a self-made paparazzi, so despite the really trendy Mendocino Farms decor, I decide to cool it with the photos. (Currently kicking myself)

Then we took a pit stop at Sugarfina, a bright, chic candy store near the restaurant. I instatny fell in love with their wall display + thanks to my sister's pushing, I got all these shots for you! (And I'm back in the blogging game!)



on the road again

The next morning we all hung out + got bagels before I caught my ride. Miss them already!

 The trip back was a lot like the trip down with the exception of my reading material + the weather. I took some cool photos, read #GIRLBOSS front to back, + ate a lot of M&Ms. Not a bad afternoon.



By the time I got home it was 10 PM + too dark to capture the stupid San Jose station. (Maybe next time guys!) All in all, I have to say, it was a pretty good trip though. I loved seeing my sister + her growing family. Exploring a little bit of LA was fun + I think I like this photo diary thing! Cracked phone screens + bathroom mishaps aside, I think I actually am "about that blog life" now. (lol) If you liked this post too, leave me a comment + we'll travel together again sometime soon!