I was gonna start today off  by swearing that I'll shut up about TV shows after this post but, why lie? I feakin love TV and I love showing things in my life that affect my design eye. The truth is, sometimes a big thing in my life is chillin on the couch with a pizza as I binge watch Netflix and oogle the amazing set designs. So, yea, I'm gonna keep being weird about TV and design because it's honestly something that inspires me. With that little rant aside, let's get into it!

So I'm the kinda person who will re-watch something I really love over and over again. Sometimes I'll put a show I like on for background noise or sometimes I'll play an episode I really like when I'm having a bad day. One of the shows I've had on repeat is Breaking Bad. I'm kind of a film fan and there's just so much about the show I find enticing.

I was blown away by Bryan Cranstons transformation as Walter White from a meek chemistry teacher to a high rolling drug lord. The character Sal Goodman, has made me a lifelong fan of Bob Odenkirk. However, as bada** as pretty much everyone's performance was in the show, the thing that really caught my attention was the coloring. 

After watching the series a few times, I started to notice a color transition. Initially things were normal if not a little bright. Then, as the series rolled on, I started to notice a lot of green. By the end of the series the green is super dark and very obvious. I looked into it and found an interview that said that this was done on purpose to represent Walters greed and transition into his drug kingpin lifestyle. 


The next time I watched the series I paid special attention to Walters "color story". The more I watched the more I realized most of the characters on the show had a color story of their own. I've thought about this a lot and this is what I think each of them means.

Side note: I know everyone has probably already dissected this to death but this is what I think! Now excuse me as a geek out a little... more interiors talk in a sec. 


Walter White:  White = Innocence   to   Dark Green = Greed

Skyler White:  Blue = Pure/Innocent   to    Black = Corrupt

Marie Schrader: Purple = Royal/Self Important

Hank Schrader: Orange = Warning (trouble for main characters) / Fun

Jessie Pinkman: Yellow = Young/Non-Violent


Anyway, crazy fangirl obsessing aside, it got me thinking about the color of my life and home. I mean, if someone where to come into my place, what impression would they get from me based on the color of things? What would they think of you?

Color psychology has been an interest of mine for a while. I know businesses choose their logo colors carefully to appeal to their specific markets but I never thought of it so personally before. Today, I challenge you to do just that. Dig deep people, cuz it's time to figure out what your home color story is saying about you! 

Psst - I've compiled a little list of a few colors and their meanings to help with the deciphering process. Happy room/soul searching! 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 + 9

After really taking a look at my place, I realize my color story is a little lame! I've covered my home in neutrals that, on one hand say - calm, cool, and relaxed; and on the other hand say - boring, non-risk taker, and work in progress. It's time to get cracked and this little exercise has made that abundantly clear. (Thanks TV!)

Check out my latest interior design project to get a peek at my plan to inject a little color into my room decor. Lemme know what you think about that project, this post, Breaking Bad, and whatever else may cross your brain!