5 things I've learned from my first month of blogging

This post is a little different but still something I wanna put out there. If you're here for interiors only, that's cool. I have LOADS of juicy stuff for you next week! I'll see you then. Today, however, I wanna talk about the blog-y side of things. 

I've been writing for you guys for a little over a month now + I've learned a few things that I'd like to share. While this blog is very much about my journey + helping others find creativity through interior styling, every now + again, I'd like to talk about the business of blogging itself. Chances are if you're trying to express your creativity to the world or aspiring to be an interior stylist (like myself), you're gonna start a blog sooner or later anyway. Why not let me help you figure a few things out as I do. 

Not to get all preach-y or anything but, here are 5 things I've learned from my first month of blogging...





You'll find mistakes + ways to improve your blog just by being your own fan. It's important to go through your site as often as you possible. Read your own posts. Click on your own links. Explore your own about page. Chances are you're gonna find a ton of little hiccups along the way + that's totally okay. Don't beat yourself up about the mistakes. Just fix em + feel good that you're blog just got that much better.



The posts that do the worst for me are usually the ones I just through up to get something out. Not everything has to be gold but, if you're not putting effort in when you can, it'll show in your numbers. Bottom line, sometimes faking it till you make it is not enough. Sometimes you have to really do the work to create an exciting piece that's worth your readers time. 



I love to overwhelm myself. I'm notorious for creating mile long to do lists + believing I can get everything done in a day. The problem with this is, when I don't knock everything (or sometimes anything) out, I feel discouraged + find it harder to get going the next day.

The truth is, most new bloggers (myself included) have a "rent money" job that takes up a lot of their time. Adding a full time bloggers to-do list to your already full day is pretty unrealistic. While I'm all for being a dreamer (I wouldn't have this blog if I wasn't one) I suggest managing your expectations so you can stay + feel on top of your game. Now-a-days I figure if I can improve my blog in one major way a week, I'm doing okay. 


4. Building your networks is as much work + just as important as BUILDING your blog. 

Blogging is hard. Fun - yes but hard. Especially when you're just starting out because initially, you just don't get that much attention. Maybe that sounds narcissistic but it's true. No one has ever wrote a post + thought - I hope no one reads this. You blog because you have something to share. So initially when no one knows or cares who you are, it can be a little frustrating + even sad. (Just being real.)

This is where networking comes in. You have to make friends! Read their stuff! Let them read yours. Reply to your blog comments people! Talk to other humans because again, that's what this whole thing is all about. The network of people that you build will carry your blog. They can provide opportunities, feedback, + support.

Yes, you should spend hours making your blog look amazing + writing quality posts. Just make sure you also make time to build friendships because, when your tired of blogging, your readers/friends will be what keeps you going, not your pretty headers + text fonts. 


5. Writing get's more fun the more you do it.

So I just said blogging hard - this is where I tell you that it's also amazing because it is! I've fallen in love with the click clack sound my keyboard makes when I type. I'm obsessed with the surge of creativity I get when thinking of blog concepts. I'm addicted to feeling like I'm the most brilliant girl in the world as I write out my content, all of which I think are hilarious. 

I've come to realize this is because I've fallen in love with blogging. Again, this sounds narcissistic but, I like my blog. Scratch that, I f*cking love my blog! It's a place where I'm totally, unashamedly me + that's the whole point. I realize now though, that this feeling has only come to me now that I've been blogging consistently, three times a week for over a month. That being said, if your just starting out, keep with it!! This high is totally worth chasing. 


Honestly, there are a million more things I can say but I'll stop here to avoid appearing know-it-all-y. I definitely don't know it all when it comes to blogging, or even half of it. Still I'm happy to continue on this journey, hopefully growing a little more savvy as this blog grows. 

I'd like to invite my fellow bloggers to contribute your advice. Whether you've been blogging for 1 minute or the past 10 + years. Help a girl out + I'll continue to try + return the favorite. Pay it forward + all that. : )