Epic fail! I was doing so well with my first month of blogging + then I just... sucked! It's almost like my last post made me cocky + I basically "mic dropped", then walked away.  So sorry but so happy to be back in the game. I could give you a million reasons why I missed the last 3 weeks but let's just call it a fail and move on.

I've spent the last few days re-immersing myself in the world of interior styling + the passion is stronger than ever! There have been some bad-A blog, Instagram, + Pinterest posts that I totally missed the chance to freak out about so, I'm gonna take the time to do it now. See below for a little best-of-interiors recap from yours truly. 

Fair Warning: This post is gonna be a bit long cuz, well, it's a "catch up"!



Of course, there were only about a zillion cool posts that debued over the past few weeks. Since there's no way in hell I could share all of them, I'll just talk about the two that I really can't get outta my head...



First up, let's talk My Domaine. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I'm a fan, but this past week was kinda insane. Literally every decor post was totally awesome + worth reading. It was hard to choose, but my favorite was probably a post by Satcha Strebe called, "I Never Pay Full Price For Furniture - Here's Where I Shop". (Way to make it a super long title Sacha!)  

Obviously the post is super helpful for the interiors obsessed because it's loaded with bargain buys + great advise. It's so good I spent most of Friday distracted by it instead of writing this post! If you're looking for a one of a kind, home-wares deal, (or a billion of them) this post is a must read. 



Coco + Kelley had a seriously bright idea with this DIY Wood + Brass Floating Light Shelf. Everything about this project is pretty cool, from the way it came about, to the fact that she braved DIY-ing an electrical piece,but especially the way she styled it. It's simple but so freakin good. I love it + I'm betting you do too by now.




I'm currently having a love//hate relationship with Insta. Love cuz clearly it's awesome. Hate cuz I'm a little annoyed about the feed changes they just announced. I'm worried that the changes will take away from the authentic//real life feel of the app + also that my posts will be low priority to the algorithm. (Meaning you guys will NEVER see me!) Rant over but if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about + wanna find out, you can do so here thanks to Create + Cultivate

Anyway, moving on, I did want to shout out a few of my favorite accounts cuz they constantly have great content + I think you're gonna like em...



So I'll be honest, Alanna, the founder of WSG + I chat from time to time + I'd even consider her my social media friend. That being said, that's totally not the reason I'd recommend her account. I recommend it cuz it's damn good, especially if you're a fan of beautifully designed, super-inspiring work spaces. I could go on and on trying to convince you but instead, I'll just leave a few of her awesome featured photos below + let you see for yourself...

PS - To get your killer work space featured by WSG's,  tag your photo with #workspacegoals



So (obvs) if you read my A Hot Glue Gun Mess Book Review, you know Mr. Kate's on my radar. I love how creative she is + her Insta totally reflects her fun, fearless personality. If you're not following her yet - what's going on lady? Better get on that...



Cool - so after narrowing down my favorite pins from the last 3 weeks, I realize a few things. One - I've developed an obsession for pinning minimalist wood//metal desks, bedrooms with sloped ceilings, + watercolor-esque walls. Two - (perhaps the most important lesson) I've got some damn good taste. :P Kinda re-obsessed with Pinterest by the way...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9


Woop - I know that I probably missed a ton of interior styling awesomeness while I was gone so, I have a favor to ask. SEND ME YOUR LINKS! Show me what I missed either from your or someone else's blog//Insta//Twitter//whatever! Fill me in so we can be on the same, well-informed page!