As you know, interiors are my thing but I'm pretty big on sharing topics of female empowerment and inspiration. Recently a little controversy has caught my attention and I wanna throw my onion out there. Feel free to do the same in the comments cuz I'd love to know your take on it.

Anyhow, recently chunk of the Internet has decided to try and shutdown the term #GIRLBOSS. It's been said that the term is a pandering, outdated qualifier that implies women can never be on the same level as their male counterparts. While many blogs (that I totally respect and happen to love) have taken their stance against the hashtag, I'm gonna go ahead and stand by it. Here's why...

An Argument for #GIRLBOSS


The idea behind #GIRLBOSS was never malicious. In fact, it was the opposite and it worked. The words you're reading now have been typed by a women who was profoundly inspired by it and still is to this day. Since reading Sophia Armurso's book and getting beind #GIRLBOSS - I've dreamed bigger, felt stronger, and pushed harder for what I want. That eight letter hashtag gave me the guts to try by connecting me to millions of like minded, strong women. For the first time, I felt like I could do it (whatever it might be) because I could click a link and see millions of other women who were doing their version of it. To me, the term never said, "You'll never be as good as a man boss." but instead screamed, "Hey lady, you can totally be a boss + you can do it your way." 

Since #GIRLBOSS gained steam, it has inspired millions of women, a charity foundation, and a Netflix original series. All of this positive momentum couldn't have stem from some backwards qualifier. It's gained so much popularity because it is//was a powerful movement for women and that's exactly what is was intended to be.  



I completely get that you wouldn't say women doctor or female lawyer in normal conversation but #GIRLBOSS is just that, a hashtag. It's meant to be catchy and easy to remember, so it's easily shareable on social media. Bottom line, it's a connectivity tool. Just like #LadyLawyer is for a ton by female lawyers trying to shout out their place in the industry. 


So I can see how identifying as a #Girlboss could be a bit uncomfortable as a grown women. I'm 27 years old and it's been years since I've considered myself a "girl". However, that's not really what this hashtag's about anyway. As stated man times, It's about connecting females to other females in an attempt to empower and encourage them in their business life. It's not meant as a put down. 



Now, maybe you're still not buying it. Fine, but why kill the whole thing? If it's true that #GIRLBOSS implies a strong adolescent female, what the hell's wrong with that? I know for a fact that on the day, month, or year I turned 18 I still didn't feel like an adult. It took years of me "adulting" to feel like I could handle myself on my own and I think the term #GIRLBOSS wouldn't have been so horrible to have floating around back then. If it made me feel empowered at 25, when I first heard it, I'm pretty sure it could have benefited me in my younger years as well. 

If you really hate the term - ok. However, instead of killing it, how about we build on it? Instead of trying to crush it in the name of feminism, why not leave if for the women who still love it and create a new term for those opposed? 

How about #BossPeriod or #THEBoss?

I'm just saying if you wanna be progressive - cool! But maybe there's a way to do it without tearing down another women's work.( Common - we all know who coined the phrase.) Especially when it still has the power to inspire so many up and coming women and girls alike?