Hola everyone! So today I thought I'd share a little mood board because... well to be honest, I want practice making them. 

I was originally going for a desert inspired thing but got a little carried away with woven pieces and, here we are. It's now sort of an eclectic, multicultural mish-mash of stuff that, when viewed together feels sort of south west on acid to me. Anyway, I dig it and I hope you do too! 

DISCLAIMER: For those of you who are wondering - No, I've never been on Acid! Not even close. It's a descriptive thing people - jeez!  


1. Casted Metal Steer Skull ($29) - No surprise here, the first 5 items are all from Target. You know I love affordable home goods and at just under 30 big ones, this cool skull piece fits the bill perfectly! 

2. Wood Table Accent ($77) - I was really drawn to the cool shape of this table and the color of the wood. I think it gives a nice earthy vibe that's still fun. Not too understated. 

3. Linear Weave Lounge Chair ($85) - I've mentioned this chair before because, I f*cking love it! I sit in it every time I'm at Target. ....yes, I am that weirdo. 

4. Mohawk Aztec Bands Denim Area Rug ($135 - $250) - I picked this rug because the navy color helps keeps thing neutral, while the pattern keeps it interesting. Win-Win.

5. Westfield Chenille Toss Pillow ($17) - Honestly, I just wanted a pink pillow here, but $17 bucks is a steal if you ask me! 

6. Colorful Cushion ($25) - Here is where the Etsy comes in! You guys already know I'm a fan and for good reason. This bright, fun Indian inspired pillow is great for adding a pop and some texture. 

7. Rock Book Ends ($34) - Okay, how freakin cool are these? As I said initially I was going for a desert thing and these book ends totally fit the bill. I think they could still work in with my new eclectic thing because their just that awesome! 

8. Hand Woven Basket ($75 each) - Now these woven baskets are actually really cool because they are authentic pieces from African designers. I came across them on Pinterest, instantly fell in love, and started to work the entire mood board around them. Not only do they add a ton of color but, it's awesome that, buy purchasing them, you're supporting a designer in another country! Do-gooder home design? Yes Please! 

Ta-Daaa! So that wraps up this little post but the fun's not over! I'd really love your input, tips, thoughts, dislikes, whatever! It's all welcome and totally appreciated!