Hello-hello everyone! Switching things up today with a little super-honesty time. ...Not that I'm usually dishonest. 

.... Let me start over! 

why i'm afraid to be an interior stylist and a new direction

Basically (I'm all jibber-jab-y today because) I wanna share some personal thoughts with you and that makes me a little squeamish. Broadcasting my vulnerability out to the internet seems a little crazy, but I swear the motives behind it are good. Today, I'm gonna come clean about all of my insecurities attached to my want to become a interior stylist. I wanna do this because it might be helpful for anyone who's going through the same thing and I kinda wanna be honest with myself so I can push past my own personal barriers. 


cool,let's get awkward! 

Alright, so back-story time. I've always had a love for interiors and design in general but I've also always been pretty practical. I started college in 2007 and practicality was a must then. With the recession, everyone (especially my parents) wanted a steady job that promised hours and a paycheck.

Initially, I was looking at what I thought was real estate. (It was really more home staging) I was discourage from moving forward with my dream job because real estate was a nightmare at that time and I distinctly remember one of my loved ones saying, "Who's house are you going to decorate when no one is buying?". I've always been shy and, at 18, I definitely was not ready to believe in myself, so I backed away from my initial ambitions and started on a medical based major. Eight years later, I've burnt out from my medical job and I'm ready to go after what I actually want. .... I think. 

My confidence has grown, but honestly a lot of those old fears still resurface from time to time and now there are new ones to add to this list. I mean, what if I can't make a steady or high enough income? What if no one hires me? I've missed the school boat, will anyone believe in me? How can I grow my confidence enough to believe in my own skills? Will my skills ever be up to snuff? 

Its terrifying. 

I'm dying to get my hands dirty because I know I have a lot to learn but even knowing where to start is intimidating. I've got to step up my game in AutoCAD, SketchUp, drawing, sourcing, photography, social media, and (especially) blogging. Theres a zillion directions to go and I guess, what I'm realizing is, I need to stop being a P and just do it already! 

Even as I'm writing this, I'm realizing that I'm thinking of this situation from a viewpoint of scarcity when I should be appreciating the abundance of opportunities that I actually have. I have this blog, and you guys, to help me grow. I have a handful of socials at my fingertips to display my work. I have the world wide web, to teach me and push me forward. It's time to just go for it! I realize now that I've been half assing my dream. Which sucks because...

if anything deserves to be fully-assed, it's your dream!

In light of this epiphany, I'm resolving to make some changes here on the blog...

First - Instead of talking about everything under the sun that makes me feel creative, I'm gonna hone in on styling. Mostly interiors but also exteriors, productions, and events. 

Second - To go along with number one, I'm gonna be talking a bit more about the journey to becoming a real stylist. You can expect reviews on classes I'm taking to learn programs, blog recommendations for wanna be interior stylists, and experiential posts. It's gonna be fun!

Third/Lastly - You're gonna see a lot more of my own shizzz. (Not literally - eww) By that I mean I'm gonna work on my photography and styling skills so that you can actually see what I do. (Right now like 99% of the images you see are sourced and I am ashamed!)

Disclaimer on this one: It's probably not gonna be great initially but eventually it won't suck! 

I hope, if you're a fellow aspiring interiors/styling person, this was motivational for you. I feel like, too often, we have dreams but don't have the time/energy to really chase them. Other things get in the way, and I get that but, I wanna encourage you to...

take this journey with me. 

Shoot me emails with your progress. Give me recommendations for what online courses you think I should take. (I'll totally review them for you!) Tell me how you're doing learning AutoCAD. If we work together we can build our network as we grow and It'd be awesome! 

K that's all for now but there's much more to come!