Just a quick note here to say whats up and I didn't forget about you! 

I was in Vegas last week (stay tuned for my photo diary) and thought I'd have all this time to blog but (obvs) things didn't go that way at all. I've been kicking myself for missing yet another week of posts so I'm resolving to make a few more changes. I thought I'd share because, as previously mentioned, I want to share my journey with you and this blog is totally part of that. If you're also a blogger who's having trouble keeping things consistent, maybe this will help you out too. (Also, if you are a fellow interiors blogger - share your liiiiks!)

Anyway, in about a month I'll update you on my progress but basically the new plan goes like this...

Five days a week, I'm setting a aside at least 3 hours to work on this little blog of mine. From 9 am to 12 pm it's gonna be all about working here to push my stylist dream forward. 

I recently started reading a book called The One Thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan, and I really feel that it's been helping me get to the heart of what I want in life and what I should do to get there. Lemme know if you'd like a full review but essentially the book prompts you to find the one core thing that you can do to propel your life in the right direction. 

The one thing I want is to work as a stylist and I believe the one thing I can do, is dedicate the time needed to hone that skill. At this moment that means I should work on my blog daily because my blog is what propels me to work on my craft. It makes me research trends and work on my photography skills so that I can post fresh, well informed content with exciting imagery. I'd like to post reviews on interiors related classes and programs so I'll be working my way through those for review purposes. It even leads me to read a ton of interior related blogs so that I can share them on my socials, which helps keep me up to date on other designers, bloggers, and influences. 

Basically my blog is my teacher and I'm resolving to stick with it more consistently. Rather than pushing it around for "more important thing", from here on out it's blogging and design in the AM, all other pressing issues after lunch. 

Lemme know what you guys think of this idea and leave me any blogging or stylist tips down below!