Hey everyone! So I've been doing a little spring cleaning in mi casa. Whenever I clean I NEED background noise and lately YouTube has been my primary source for that. Granted, it makes me a little less productive (I basically pick up one thing and then get sucked into the next video) but it's super entertaining and I thought I'd give some of my fave content creators a shout. See below for three must-see interiors/diy YouTube channels! 


MR. Kate

Okay so yea - I've already sung the praises of Mr. Kate a zillion times but that's cuz I genuinely love her. She's creative, individualistic, and her YouTube channel's where it's at when it comes to fun, unique projects. I'm currently completely obsessed with her, "Office Goals" series where she gives you a behind the scenes look at the making of her studio. Um - A hilarious female entrepreneur showing how she scales and runs her business? Hell yes!!



If you don't know about Mary Elizabeth yet, you need to stop what your doing and click here. To be honest I'm a little jealous of this girl because she basically has my dream life. She lives in Venice Ca, thrift shops like a mad women, and gets to work on interiors for a living. (So jealous!) Luckily, she's so creative and awesome, I can't even be mad at her!

(If your reading this Mary - you're amazing! Keep the videos coming!)




Last but not least, I bring you The Sorry Girls! I've been a longtime fan of these girls for their modern and functional DIY's. Too often I see DIY projects that seem cool but don't actually look that good or work that well. What I love about The Sorry Girls is they make fun-urban-outfitters-esque projects that don't suck//you can actually afford. ...I feel like I'm not explaining this one right so be sure to check out their channel to get a full understanding of their awesomeness! 


Alright, alright - I just gave you three YouTube channels to check out. Now it's your turn! I've kinda burned through most//all of the videos on my "watch later" list and need new content if the spring cleaning is to continue. Leave me your recommendations down below or shoot em my way via twitter!!