So I recently took a trip to sin city and you know what that means.... Photo Diary time!! It's kinda sad but the main reason I wanted to make the trek to Vagas in the first place was so that I could share all the cool, beautiful, and inspiring things I'd see with you. Turns out, documenting my travels in a photo series is kinda my thing. Who knew? Anyhow, read on for the latest! 

(Oh and in case you missed the last photo diary I'll link it for you here!)


what happens in vegas...

In honor of the old saying, instead of walking you through my work-cation with little text blurbs, I'm gonna let you take the journey entirely through photographs! We were in LV for a week but to be honest, work kept up busy for 5 out of the 6 days. In an attempt to keep things interesting, I only documented the worthwhile shizzz. See below to take (the fun parts) of the trip with us! 

So, you may be able to tell, definitely not your typical Vegas-ers! While we loved the weather and walking the strip, we actually had just as much fun on the drive home. This makes me think more road trips are in order. Tweet me and lemme know where you think we should go next!