It's Wednesday and, as promised, I'm back with another post! You may have guest from the, not so subtle, sneak peeks I've shared on my Twitter and Instagram, this week is all about metallic office supplies! First let's talk about the origin of my obsession with the shinny yet useful, then I'll show you some budget friendly options for your own workplace! 


Kate Made Me Do It.

It may come as no surprise to you that my first glimpse of truly beautiful, metallic office supplies came from Kate Spade's Line. It was beautiful, refined, and I could tell (like anything else she sells) casually showing it off would instantly trick people into thinking I have my sh*t together. Sadly, I couldn't justify the price so I went along my boring-office-supply owning way. 

Then a few months later, Target did what it does best. It provided me with exactly what I wanted at the price I could afford. (How they hell do they do that?)

Suddenly, and instagram-worthy office was in my reach. I picked up a few essential pieces from Target and DIYed a few more and voila - instant office-pretty! Now I want to help you do the same. Check out the links below for the crazies deals on the inter-web and stay tuned to the blog for info on my DIYed items! 


The Look for less