So, I follow a zillion interiors people on Instagram and lately I've been fawning over all the killer art pieces showcased on the platform. This, of course, sent me on a little hunt for some Instagram-worthy art! I wanted to find something modern, and cool that looked expensive, but was actually pretty affordable. I'm happy to say, I didn't come up short. In fact, I think it's fair to say I scored big time and (as always) I'm dying to share my find with you.

Introducing Vontrueba

Basically, its a brand created by this badass, London based designer named Carmen. According to her site, she was influenced by scandi and architectural expression while creating the brand. Her site also states that lines, texture, and geometry help define Vontrueba's signature look. Those three elements can be clearly seen throughout her designs and the results are fab. While Vontrueba's roster mostly consists of art pieces, they also do furniture, textiles, and cell phone cases that stay true to the aesthetic mentioned above in a very cool way.

 As promised, Vontrueba's artwork will kick up your modern style and Instagram game without hurting your wallet. Many of the items sold on the site are actually below $50!! Keep in mind, if you're from the states (like me!) shipping is an additional cost to consider but, given the beautiful designs, it's a small price to pay in my opinion.

While I encourage you to shop the brand yourself, today I thought I'd share a few of my must have art pieces that are under $50. (and all totally Instagram-worthy!) Scroll down to check out my picks and lemme know which items you've officially added to your shopping list! 

Bonus - I had to add this amazing marble throw. Maybe you wouldn't hang it on your wall (or maybe you would) but I'd still consider it a beautiful piece of art none the less! 

Vontrueba kills the marble thing every time!

K so I know by this point your rearin' to go and about to launch of my site to do some serious shopping, but I wanna encourage you to peep Carmen's Instagram before you take off. It's really beautiful, inspirational, and frankly 11.5 thousand followers just doesn't seem like enough! (Just sayin'!)



*this is not a sponsored post... I just really like the brand okay!