Okay, so this is painfully embarrassing. This post is uber late. I mean like 2+ months late. wtf was I doing late. should I even post it late!? 

I'm gonna go ahead and say yes, I should post it. Partially because I worked really hard on it and partially because, as stated in my previous "burnt out" post, theres nothing left to do but move on. So on we're moving. Here is my ridiculously late post about affordable (Mother's Day) brunch decor. 

Now obviously, Mothers Day has came and went, but you can still totally use my design ideas as inspo for a regular brunch, birthday party, or whatever you wanna do. It's pretty, fun to make, and (most importantly) easy on the ol' wallet. Yay!

See below for the making of, then scroll all the way down for the finished project. It's pretty damn good for the budget if I do say so myself. You don't wanna miss it!



To think, this all started with this one photo. It's funny how inspiration strikes.

One day I was browsing Pinterest and I came across a beautiful DIY brunch by Mr. Kate. I fell in love instantly and I knew I was meant to create my own version. Game on!

I took to Pinterest once again to try to put my own spin on things. I was (and still am) obsessed with water color wallpaper at the time. That thought, plus the flowers in my inspo pick led me to the second photo you see below, and a concept was born!  

1 // 2



Materials - Cost

  • Large Paper Roll - $7 (on clearance)
  • Children Acrylic Paint Variety Pack - $8
  • Paint Brushes Variety Pack - $5
  • Tissue Paper Pack x 2 - $4
  • Flowers - $5 (Trader Joes)
  • String Lights - $0 From Christmas
  • Recycled Bottles/Vases - $0
  • White Throw - $0 (mine from home)

Total: $29 (What!?)


The Process

Large Banner: 

So the huge banner//sign was the first thing I created. I started out by measuring how far in I wanted the flowers to come to create a frame affect. Once I figured out how much room I needed for the writing in the middle I measured out my "frame" size and marked my poster with a light pencil mark. 

From there on it was a lot of free hand painting. This was a little nerve racking, to be honest, because I had never painted a thing in my life. I think it came out okay though and it made me feel super creative! 

Once my "frame" was painted I just wrote in my text, let my dog paint a little (see below), and called it a day!

Table Runner

After my big banner was done, I still had A LOT of paper left over. I decided to cut a piece long enough to serve as a runner with a 1' over hang on each side of the table. Once the length was cut, I trimmed off enough paper to make the runner about 2/3 as wide as my table. Easy-peasy. 

I went with a matching floral design, taking care to create a flower bunch that would compliment the center of the table where I would place a cake plate. I also added water color to the ends of the runner for a little extra detail. 

Party Fans

I'm totally not gonna take credit for these. I did make them but only after learning about them on YouTube years ago. They're super easy to make. I actually use them to cut the negative space at pretty much every event I do. Here is a good tutorial for you to follow along with if you want to create them yourself. (note: the tutorial recommends craft paper but I've been using tissue paper to make them for years! FYI.)

Floral String Lights

Awe - the concept that inspired this entire design plan. Luckily not only is this idea high impact, it's too easy! Literally just string some lights, secure flowers with fishing wire, DONE! 


The Main Event

Dun-Dunna-Daaahh! See below for how the whole shebang came together!



And so we come full circle with the first picture. To be honest, I think on of the reasons I didn't post this is because I feel like I didn't take enough time with the photography. I wish I had more images to show you but you get the idea. Looks pretty freakin good for a super budget friendly party! 

So obviously, you won't be using this for Mother's Day 2016, but if you do end up inspired by this design idea, let me know! I'd love to see how you guys tweak this to meet your own party design needs!