millennial burn out syndrome

What can I say guys? Here we are again. Another couple of months have went by without a post. I hate even writing this sort of appology//excuse update because the truth is, no one wants to hear it. You guys get it. Life get's in the way of our dreams and that's exactly what you're seeing here. Still there's only one thing to do and that's reassess and move forward. 

After taking a harder look at my life I realize my problem and thought I'd share because chances are, it's your problem too...

I've been hearing about something called Millenial Burnout Syndrome for a while now. It's basically when a "millennial" (usually female) takes on too much in their (work) life and inevitably burns out. Scoff if you want too but I'm here to tell you, it's a thing. I know because I'm a perfect case study.


Let's assess...

I'm 27. I work as a freelancer to pay the bills - aka I work all the time! I do promotional work as well as hostessing gigs that typically consists of 12+ hour days. On top of that I run the socials, website, and office for my finance's video production company. I'm also in charge of keeping the house clean, preparing the occasional meal, and I go HAM with the makeup everyday because I'm trying like hell to forget the fact that I'm quickly approaching 30! (Thought I was done? Not quite.) I recently started an Etsy store where I sell vintage 90's fashion because I love it. Then, on the tip top of the pile of sh*t I have going on, I created this blog because I f*cking love interior and event styling and I need to express that somewhere. (Getting a little heated - *deep breath*)

The point is, I am your standard millennial women. I stack way to much up on my plate and then get discouraged, upset, and (yes) burned out when I can't actually do it all. I rarely take days off and when I do, I'm filled with anxiety and guilt. 

It's a sh*t deal really. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to pay the bills/start a company, look like an instagram model, and go for my dreams all while staying current on social media? Still, I just can't quit! I want it all so that leaves me one option....


Moving Forward...

It's time to lighten the load. I need to make things more manageable or my freaking heads going to pop off. (Sound familiar?) I can't possibly do everything that's required of me without expecting to burn out. In light of all that, I've come up with a do and don't list that should make things a bit easier. If you're feeling the same way, I'd encourage you to do the same.


  • Kill myself trying to post 3x//week like the big bloggers
  • Obsess about my socials to the point that I'm loosing sleep
  • Compare my makeup to the Insta-famous makeup artist
  • Spend hours thinking about marketing the Etsy store like it's gonna make me rich
  • Take a "day off" that includes constantly updating twitter


  • Post good content on this blog 1x//week
  • Keep up with my socials as well as I can
  • Wear makeup when I want too, how I want too
  • Treat the Etsy store like what it is - a hobby//side project that I do for fun
  • Take a REAL freaking day off! Sans iPhone

I'm feeling less stressed already!


The take away...

 Fellow millennial women - we need to be kinder to ourselves! Let's not stack the order so high. Let's make To Do lists that are actually do-able in an 8 err.. ok 10 hour work day! Let's not say, "yea I can help you with that", to every favor asked of us. Or better yet, let's not constantly volunteer for projects we have nothing to do with.

And let's actually relax! How about when we go get that mani//pedi, we do it without trying to grow our Instagram following. Try not to feel like every spa day has to be documented via Snapchat. Let's take "me time" that doesn't consist of worrying if other people think it looks cool!

If your reading this and nodding your head, I know you're a fellow over achieving, perfectionist, obsessive, crazy person and I'm proud of you. I'm also here to say, you deserve a god damned break and you better take it. After all, if your not doing well, you're no help to those around you. So take care of yourself important lady! 

Bottom line, I'm burnt the f*ck out. ....but I'm not out and neither are you!

Expect new posts every Wednesday. Alisha - Out! *drops the mic*