Not gonna lie to you - I totally don't have the energy to write this post. Don't get mad at me, I have good reason. 

Ladies and gents - I got my first real freakin life, interior design job!! (insert a million happy emoji here) 

Anyway, I've learned a lot. I have so much to share but unfortunately not a lot of energy to share it. ...or at least not this week. (TBC) Still, I'm dedicated to this blog and you guys so, I'm gonna share a little somethin', somethin' with ya. Let's talk Minted

I came across Minted while sourcing art for the project mentioned above. I wanted something MASSIVE and cool without a massive price point. Enter - Minted! 

They're great because they host a bunch of insanely talented artists and photographer's work, so you're sure to find something cool. On top of that they offer a bunch of different size options (including 60" x 40") so you're bound to find the perfect size piece. If that's not enough, they offer a bunch of really nice frame options, making the whole "shopping for art hassle", not a hassle at all!

PS - I swear I'm totally not sponsored by Minted. They literally don't even know I exist. ...I just get excited about stuff and then I sound like an informercial. 

Moving on - I found a bunch of cool pieces and decided to share below! 


For Those Who See In Black + White...

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6




1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6


So obviously I like nature shots (...and T. Swift - did you see the reference?) but if my taste isn't for you, don't worry. Minted has every type of art you can imagine form portrait photography to abstract coolness. It's like a one stop art shop!

So there, I shared my art sourcing spot. Now, tell me yours! 

Until next time.