For the past few weeks I've been obsessive over finding the perfect piece of artwork for various projects. Any of my Twitter followers can back up that statement as I've been retweeting artwork like a maniac. The more I search the more I develop my taste. The more I develop my taste, the more professional decorator-ish I feel. It's actually pretty great!

Turns out, I love all kinds of art. From photography to painting. Mix media to sketches, I'm into the whole art thing. Some people would even call me artsy! (Lol not sure who those people are, but I'm betting someone out there would.)

Through all this searching, sourcing, and considering, I have noticed one common theme. I like me some BIG artwork. (Haha that sounded super sophisticated right?) What I'm trying to say here is, I prefer my artwork oversized. 

Whether I'm suggesting a piece to be hung over a mantel, sofa, or bed, generally my rule has been, the bigger the better. I feel that oversized art really packs a punch, makes a statement, and can give you a lot of bang for your buck. See below for a few tips to consider when sourcing and (of course) some inspiration! 


So I sold you on the whole gigantor art idea. You find your piece ...and then comes the sticker shock. My advice here is to realize the value you'll be adding to the room and the money you'll actually be saving. (Stay with me here.) 

Value - Your large artwork is going to add heaps of style to your room. Obviously, you picked out something amazing in the perfect color pallet. Displaying that choice in a big bold piece will create a huge statement giving your room a focal point and that wow factor. 

Savings - Since you have this humoungus piece taking up all the space in the room, it allows you to buy less wall decor. Less decor needed translates to less frames, less artwork/photography, less shelves and accessories, and (most importantly) less time spent sourcing these items. By going the super sized art route, you just saved a ton of time, money, and energy! 


The general rule of thumb for hanging one large piece of art is, it should be AT LEAST 2/3 the length of the item it's hanging over. Keep this in mind while shopping and cut out the guess work. 


My last (and possibly most important tip) is to buy a piece that you freaking LOVE! As stated in tip one, this is gonna be an investment piece so make sure it's something you'll feel comfortable starring at for a couple of years but DON'T PLAY IS SAFE! Grab the piece that gives you that wow, gut love feeling. Not just something that you think will "go with everything". (bleh) 

Good design should feel like the leap you take when falling in love. It's that emotional, personal, and honest. Take your time and find the one that's right for you. ....and then tweet me a photo. ; )