So this may be old news to you but, HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST LINE TO HIT IKEA!!??

If you think I'm being dramatic, you're wrong and I'll explain why now...

I love Ikea but for a long time I thought their pieces did look a little "affordable". I know I'm not the only one to think this. Loads of Ikea Hack videos and blog post suggest that the items for sale are good but look better quality when upgraded. Then I ran face first into this little collection. (I mean that literally)

About two weeks ago, I was rushing around sourcing pieces for a super low budget design job. I was stressed because the job in question was for a luxury apartment in San Francisco with a less-than-luxurious budget. Pressed for time and cash, I ran into my local Ikea in an attempt to pull something together. I rushed to the art section (we all know high end/larger art pieces can be an immediate budget blower) and was freakin floored by what I found! Beautiful black, white, and grey modern prints perfect for my project!

A quick google search later and I was tracking down Svartan pieces like a mad women. It seems the Ikea gods did me a solid and launched the collection on the exact day of my shopping trip. My project was saved! 

I know your thinking, how does this pertain to me, right? Well, considering the fact that I have hunted down, purchased, and styles nearly every piece in the collection, I have a little insight for you. Scroll down for my top three choices from the line, why you need them and a few styling tips!




I almost feel like I don't have to give you a reason for this one. I mean, you see them right? 

Seriously thought, not only are they beautiful and well made, they are also the cheapest art around! I'm talking $10 - $12 dollars cheap. I'm sorry - I mean $12 for a 27 1/2" x 39 1/4" cheap! If you can beat that I owe you a coke. : ) 

Styling Tip: Save even more money by purchasing the largest poster and cutting it to size for three smaller frames to create a tryptic effect! 



I'm absolutly in love with the these little stools/side tables and again, find them to be a great value for their price tag. Their slightsly squewed legs give an interesting feel and the uber dark toned wood would work well in modern and minamalist spaces. 

Styling Tip: Place side by side (similar to photo below) near a bed or couch to serve as nesting tables that can also be used for seating. 


3. The Throw Pillows

Holy-Crud! I can't even with these things! 

Obviously the prints are gitty, cool, and modern (as is the rest of the line) but they are also like $5 to $7!! (I just heard your jaw drop.) Enough said. 

Styling Tip: I like to let these babies be the star of the show. I'd pair them with fresh, white bedding and an ultra lux, deep fur throw blanket for a little juxtaposition. 

To learn more about this little collection, check out this video featuring designer Martin Bergstrom! It better explains the design inspo and process than I ever could!